Warrior Diet 101

Alright people this is hands down the best diet for those who love to hog on food & at the same time want to lose some of those love handles. giphy (3)
You can definitely trust me on this because it is some
thing which I’ve followed.

Now you may ask what the hell is this warrior diet?!

It is a part of something called intermittent fasting or IF. Which can be further divided into 2 levels :

  1. 16 Hrs Fast & 8 Hrs of eating period.
  2. 20 Hrs Fast & 4 Hrs of eating period. ( The warrior Diet )

Short Story : It involves fasting for 20 hrs and the rest 4 hrs you can eat almost whatever you want. Reason for almost have been explained in the followinggiphy (1).gifparagraphs. I’m sure y’all be saying “Damn 20 F!@kin hours of fasting! this plan ain’t for me”. Trust me on this guys if you wanna lose that weight, this diet if definitely for you. I’d advice you to read the long story to really understand what it really is.


Long Story : So what happens is that when you keep on having the food the way you are having currently, your body comes down to a comfort zone and knows when to do what. Excess food intake would force your body to store them as future energy source (fat), which then leads to slow metabolic rate. So when in case your body really requires energy it’ll use this power source. Technically speaking the carbs you take is converted into glucose and then converted & stored as glycogen.

Whenever you change your diet, your body comes in a shock and increases the metabolic rate, which is exactly you want to happen to lose fat. When there is no intake of food for a long period, your body would approach these  stored fats and generate energy from it. Now when you finally eat food, your body would consume a good chunk of it for energy and store the rest for later use.

Things i have written above might make you think that it is absurd but trust me I have lost 7.5kgs in 1 month! The initial 1st week would be really difficult but later you would get used to it. Also people, one really important point, initially you would lose weight really fast! please take this as a motivation to continue with this diet and not a reason to cheat. Remember if you don’t continue with this for atleast a month the weight you have lost would be gained back really fast.

Also the reason why i have not spoken much about the 1st type of IF is cos if you can fast for 16hrs, you really can stretch out to 20 hrs!

What kept me motivated was that the rest 4 hrs I could eat almost anything I wanted to eat without much of a guilt, and I LOVE TO EAT. Also I always used to think that its just  a matter  of just 2/3 months, later after losing weight i can still have these things in a more attractive shape!


giphy (2)





Stay posted to get more information about Warrior Diet’s health benefits, diet, workout, timing etc.







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  1. Saad Khand says:

    Wow good one bro! Will surely wait for your next article


    1. SlimCowblog says:

      Thanks for your support!


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