Warrior Diet – Diet Plan & What can I have in those 4 hours?

Probably you might be bummed hearing that there are restrictions on food even after fasting for 20 hrs! Don’t worry guys there aren’t any restrictions as such!

YES I SAID ” AS SUCH!”giphy (4).gif

Mainly because of the reasons which I would be talking about post the diet plan.

If you really don’t know anything about warrior diet, I would really recommend you to read my last article here!

Okay so coming onto the diet plan first. The following diet is something which i personally follow and has been really helpful for me.


1 glass of black coffee (no sugar)

Post Workout

ANYTHING! Yes almost anything!

” Stop with this Freaking Almost and As Such”

The reason why I have been using these words is that when you are putting in so much of hardwork, why destroy all by eating all that junk! Maybe yes, you may feel like having a packet  of lays or maybe go to your favourite pizza joint. But in the end its the hardwork you’ve put in that matters. Your 4 hrs of eating period shouldn’t be a reason to eat junk.

End aim is keep that caloric deficiency.


Meal 1: Rice + Any Gravy along with 5 chicken tikka pieces

Meal 2: Green leaf salad/ Different fruits

Meal 3: Roti x2 (bread) + Gravy + chicken( 5 tikka pieces) / fish.

Basic idea is to have a high protein diet and  carbs ( should be around 40% of your meal).

Also, no supplements are actually required. If incase you feel that you are not able to eat enough veggies, take multi-vitamins of a renowned brand

As said in my previous posts, just see it as a mission of couple of months
and then you can enjoy the new you and eat the way you used to just in a controlled manner!

giphy (6).gif

Best of Luck warriors!

Also my next blog would be about the Pros and Cons of this diet along with some illogical myths!


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