Why Warrior Diet & It’s Benefits

Alright now why all of this? Why fast for 20hrs? Isn’t breakfast the most important diet? This is nothing like what my dietition gave me? Is it worth the effort?giphy (8)

The answer to all those questions are given here!

The reason why you’ve seen this post is clearly because you want to lose some fat. Warrior diet will help you exactly with that. This diet forces your body to burn those fat cells and convert them into energy.

Now how is this diet different from other diets? Or when should i start this diet?

It is a proven fact that cardio leads to some muscle loss. This diet is mainly for those who want to cut fat before a competition and not their  lose muscle gains, for those who instantly want to lose fat before a trip, who have tried many diet but never have been able to follow it because you had a lot of restriction, someone who loves to eat a lot at once!

Isn’t breakfast the most important meal?

Yes many have been saying this for a long time and there is no final conclusion to this debate. But if you are one of those who feel comfortable the whole day only after a breakfast, you can keep your 4 hr eating period after when you wake up. Do have a nutritious diet!

There is a big difference losing weight and losing fat.

One can lose weight by doing tons of cardio, but at the same time he/she would be losing muscle as well. Which might end you up with a physique which you are not aiming for.
Yes you might have seen people following 6 meal diet and lifting heavy, I won’t say that you can not achieve a good body with that, but that process is very slow and involves inclusion of supplements which i would not recommend! Unless you want to get into professional bodybuilding.

Would’nt fasting lead to muscle loss?


In layman terms, your body would consume the stored fat for energy and boost up the metabolism! Both the times I have gone through this diet, I have seen very fast results, like losing upto 4kgs in 6 days.giphy (9)

Benefits of this diet:

  • Researchers at LSU  that, day fasting improved fat oxidation and improved body fat by 4% in 22 days.

  •  No Forbidden foods! Eat the way you want. ( but the whole plan would be most effective if a good diet is followed. You can check out my diet plan here!

  • Lose fat and not muscle gains!
  • It is said that fasting increases you life longevity and also slows down ageing.
  • This diet always forces you to be hydrated, which infact also makes your skin glow.
  • Fast results! Sudden change in a diet would give a shock to your body, which would lead to a sudden rise in the metabolic rate.

Downsides of this diet:

  • The initial week would make you feel restless because you might be new to fasting.
  • I have seen people complain that they have sleep issues, but i do have a solution for it! By keeping the eating period right before sleeping would help you sleep like a log.giphy (2)
  • Constant consumption of water would definitely make you piss lot many times!
  • If not followed for over a month, the fat lost would be restored soon!


A’right guys no bullshit but the Benefits definitely outweighs the cons!

Warriors I hope you have made your mind to follow this regime for a month.

Put in the effort for atleast 2 months and achieve your final goal! Look more attractive and live healthy!

Stay posted for my next blog warriors! It would be about myths of warrior diet.


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